the agenda

JULY 27-29


Forum is a not-so-formal assembly of global creative leaders. Held annually in Montreal, it brings together designers and artists on a mission to network, educate, and create. Inspired by international summits, each event addresses a relevant topic—always with fun at the top of the agenda.


At Caserne, we felt that there weren't really any events dedicated to the graphic design scene in Montreal, even though there are an impressive number of studios that specialize in it. The culture of human-scale studios is well established in the city, and has been for many years. "We all know each other, but we have too few opportunities to meet in person and exchange." — A feeling accentuated following the Covid episode.

Getting people from everywhere together in our own city seemed like something exciting and inspiring for our entire team, so we decided to take on the challenge by creating Forum.

Ig Tw